Ways to Work

'Thanks so much for being so willing to help out with my projects.' 

​​​​​​​​Call and make an appointment to come to the store and we can look at products and talk about ideas. (No charge)

Make an appointment for me to come to your home.  A design consultation is at no charge.  I can bring products and assist with selections.  I also work by the hour to do space planning, staging or give you a design plan for a room or entire house.

Design on Line. You can send me pictures of the windows or rooms you'd like to work with.  Send me measurements and your ideas so I can do product selections and estimating.  If you are within 120 miles I can do the installation or you can do the installation  yourself or hire a handy man.   

Design on Line.  You can send me pictures or construction plans and I can work on a 3-D model so you can see your new decorating plans as it would look like in real life.