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We all have aspirations and this is mine.

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There passion is golf, organic farming, raising chickens,

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One thing my parents share is we love a place called 'Rieman Gardens' in Ames, Iowa- especially the Butterfly Garden.

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My father wrote a book on the experience his father had on being one.of the contractor who were commissioned to work on the

highway in 1941.  email:

April Blog 

My Story 

Since I closed my retail store at the end of December I Have

been trying to balance my life in all aspects.  Eating, yoga, home designing,

and financial education.  

One thing that inspired me when taking classes in Interior Architecture & Design

is how the schools are teaching about designing homes 'off the grid' and building homes out of used containers.  Clients

are building smaller homes and learning

to be more energy efficient. In places

where land is expensive it gives a cost

saving design where you can live more

affordably and have the budget for

other important things that add to your

quality of life.  Personally I like to

spend more time outside so it is a simple

yet attractive experience, less maintenance and

you can put more money in the property.  Energy

efficiency is at the top of clients priorities and

building a roof garden helps with insulation and gives

your home that farmhouse quality that is so in right

now.  This also gives more land for a garden and growing your organic vegetable and such.  Your dinner can be just steps away.  Life in general is becoming more

complex so coming home should be simple, easy, layed back and comfortable.

look for more articles to come. Dana